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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (4): Dinastuti


By chance, i found another good Blogger Indonesia who blogs in good English. Her name Dinastuti. She likes to call herself or her blog nom de plume as deefifteen.

Contrary to several indonesan bloggers I’d reviewed earlier on, her blogger is entirely consist of poems. She seems to be a very good poet, especially considering most of her poems are written in english (there are few indonesian poetry too).

Unfortunately, she only writes on personal matters: love, jealousy, relationship, broken-heart, sense of longing, etc. It, however, should not reduce our appreciation to the way he convey her feeling–the sense of an indonesian–to the world by expressing them in english. and mind you, she already got an appreciation from an American who read her blog.

I hope, she can continue blogging in English and add a new nuance to her poems: by writing a poem about poverty, injustices, corruptions in Indonesia. Im sure, she’ll get more appreciation. To Dinastuti, appreciate your blog as much as the english speaking foreigners appreciate it.

If you’re an Indonesian and blogging in English; or you have such kind of friends, please let me know by commenting in the comment box or email me at:
Let’s spread the Indonesian voices to the world.
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