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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (3): Donny Tedjo


Indonesian Blogger of the Week (3): Donny Tedjo

Picture: Donny Tedjo

Donny Tedjo Blogs is my choice to be Indonesian Blogger of the Week. This blog, written in English and by Indonesian–the criteria to be my pick of the week, is rich with good analysis on Indonesian culture. Himself is an artist– you can see many of his paintings in his blogs. So, you can expect a lot of interesting stuff from an indonesian artist point of view on indonesia as well as on the world.

From his blog we can learn a lot about things we hardly hear from other corners: the beauty of art, the uniqueness of Indonesian culture, etc.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Triyani who recommended Tedjo’s blog as the pick of the week. And also thanks to everyone who recommended many blogs, through comment box or email, it’s made my ‘job’ a lot more easier, as I dont have much time to search many indonesian bloggers myself. Anyone who has seen good bloggers written in English by Indonesians might recommend them through the comment box.

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